Candian Rye Berries.

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Locally grown and sourced straight from alberta farms. All our grains (if not organic) are grown responsibly and with practices that keep herbiscides and pesticides out of the grain.


By purchasing whole grains and milling your own flour you will keep all the nutrition and full flavour locked inside until you are ready to bake! With an indefinite shelf life (depending on your storage conditions), these grains will be ready to provide you with wonderful fresh bread; whether you use them now or keep them as a source incase of emergency.


It is a good feeling when you know exactly what is (and isn't) in your bread.


When you add a flour sifter you will have the option of baking with finer flours and having the bran to use as an ingredient.

Bulk Rye Pails (12Kg)

    • Whole Grain Rye Berries
    • 12 Kg
    • Long Term Storage Square Pail