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Freshly Source and Milled


Mountain View Granary

*Only available for pick up or arranged delivery within Alberta.  Bulk orders will not be shipped.

Are you looking to have

a secure long term supply of grain?

We are here to help.


By buying bulk you will essentially get the 5th pail for free.

Our square pails are very practical for maximum storage and convenient transportation. They pack nice and are easy to move! Once you have pails you can save even more by purchasing your grain in our bags and refilling the pails. 

Grain is one of the best options for an  emergency store of nutrition.

It is naturally easy to preserve and store long term. In the right conditions, it can last indefinitely.


Minimum Order: 5 bulk items 
Mix and Match!  But please be sure you have 5 in your cart.

We provide the grain & pails but it is up to you to build your pyramid and to store it properly. 

Painting of the Pyramids
Barley Grains

While it is possible for grain to keep indefinitely, you need to know your own storage space and act accordingly. You may or may not want to consider using some of the following...

Long Term Storage Quick Tips:

  1. Safe Cool and Dry Storage Location with a stable environment (constant temp & low humidity)

  2. Oxygen Absorbers*: to remove oxygen​​

  3. Mylar Bags*: to seal out oxygen

  4. Diatomaceous Earth* (Food Grade): to kill any critters.

*We currently do not offer these as packaging options, as not everyone requires them. But feel free to ask and we can point you in the right direction.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Oats - Barley - Einkorn
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