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    A Beautiful and Adjustable Flaker


The Flocino is also simple and elegantly designed flaker. It functions the same as the Flicfloc, however the rollers are adjustable which allows for precision custom rolling. Made with furniture grade beech wood and robust stainless steel rollers, it is simple and fun to use. Kids will especially enjoy being part of the process and making their own cereals with amazing flavor! You can roll oats, wheat and many other grains or seeds - even pepper, but I wouldn't add that to your porridge!


  • Flaking Rate:                       80 – 130 g/min

    Hopper Capacity:                200 g

    Weight:                                 1.7 Kg

    Material:                              Stainless Steel, Beech wood,                                                                               food-safe plastic

    Includes:                              Flaker, 2 screw clamps, funnel lid

    Warranty:                            3 years

    Made in Austria


Email: MVGranary@gmail.com

Phone: 1 (587) 210-5141


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