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Komo Flour Sifter!


As much as we love whole grain flour, some times it is nice to have a finer flour that is still completely fresh and full of nutrients. With this sifter you can quickly make a flour that is better for pastries, cake and closer to a bakers flour. It is suitable for all grains.


Comes with 3 mesh inserts:

  • .63mm (.025in or 24 mesh)
  • .8mm (.031in or 19 mesh)
  • 1.25mm (.049in or 15 mesh)


Simply remove the hopper from your Komo Mill and replace it with the sifter. It works on all Komos made after 2013. So if you have purchased your mill from us, you are good to go! If you have an older mill, simply contact us and we can get an adapter to make it work.

SIEBAUFSATZ (Flour Sifter!)

  • 400g

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