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The same engineering as the Fidibus 21, the Magic features a stainless steel housing instead of solid beech. Despite their smaller size, these powerful grinders can hold 850g and process 100 g/min. The beautiful sold beech housing hides an industrial 250 watt motor inside. It is capable of grinding many different grains with the self sharpening corundum-ceramic millstone. Simply turn the hopper to adjust from coarse to fine. You will be making your own flour and baking fully nutritious bread in no time; one hopper will produce more than 1 kg of whole grain bread!


  • Soft Grains
  • Spices

The Magic

  • Motor Size:                        250 Watt

    Milling Rate:                      100 g/min

    Hopper Capacity:           850 g

    Milestone Dia.:                 75 mm

    Noise Level:                       70 db

    Weight:                                6.6 Kg

    Material:                              Solid Beech, Beech Plywood

    Includes:                              Complete Mill with lid

    Warranty:                            12 years

    Made in Austria

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