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Stone Milled Fresh Flour
​​Simple & Homemade

Unlock Whole Grain Nutrition and Flavor, on demand,  in your own kitchen!
It has never been easier to be...

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Farm Direct

Home Milling

Food Security


Whole Grains

Whole Grains

Clean & Simple.

Milling your own flour is incredibly easy  and the

nutritional benefits are priceless. Mountain View Granary provides access to farm direct whole grains, while you choose your method of supply.

  • Single Purchase

  • Guaranteed Subscription

  • Bulk Quantities

Better and Cleaner than storing flour, whole grains keep their flavor and nutrition. Simply mill the flour you need when you are ready to bake,

in minutes...

All our Grains are farmer direct, locally grown by us and our partners in Alberta, Canada. Partner Farms are selected for the best growing practices.

With a KOMO, milling your own grain has never been easier! It only takes minutes to grind the flour, as you need it - Freshness on Demand.

Made in Austria with up to 12 years warranty,

You will not be disappointed in these strong and beautiful stone mills.

Komo mills have been tried and tested for years by many satisfied bakers.

Choose the model that is best for you and start using fresh, nutritious whole grain flour!

When stored properly grain can last for thousands of years, retaining all of it's flavor & nutritional value. No preservatives needed!  As soon as it is ground, flour starts going stale and eventually rancid. By milling fresh flour you are keeping all the nutrition and flavor intact!

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Grain Mills

Grain Mills

Mixers & Accessories


Take your Kitchen to the next level!

Ankarsrum Mixers

  • Manufactured and Assembled by hand in Sweden

  • Seven year Warranty

  • Mix and Kneed up to 5 Kg of dough

  • Multi-purpose kitchen appliance!

  • Pasta Maker, Meat mincer/grinder and more! (attachments sold separately) 

Flour Sifters

  • You can still bake with a finer flour that is still completely fresh.  The sifter makes it easy.

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